Hello All!

I just wanted to extend a big thank you to all the people who helped me out for this past friday, making it a huge success in my mind.  First off, thanks to my significant other Dereck W Dew ( who tolerated my nervousness and potential irritability up to and throughout the event, in addition to providing help in transport, emotional support, ever-present encouragement and commentary.  Second, thanks to my family.  My parents Tony and Arayna Rosen, who made the trip up to KC despite a tight schedule for the weekend and have always nutured my creativity.  Lisa, Emma, and Xander Burke, my sister/niece/nephew who also came to show their support after a ferocious battle with a copperhead and quite the long drive.  It means a lot to me that I have a spot in your family, and to be getting support from people so young and genuine.  My cousin and her daughter, Jennifer and Carolyn Foeller, who traversed unknown territory to come show their support as well, but what else can we expect from cousin Jenny 😉 ?  Third a big shout out to Chad Cogdill ( ) and J.D. Soil ( two cousins who are both incredibly wonderful people, fantastic artists in their own right, brilliant conversationalists, and people that (at the very least) I am glad to have on my side  (you two rock!).  Thanks also to Chad for showing me the deliciousness of a GoodFoot.  Fourth, a GREAT BIG HOLEY-MOLEY THANK YOU to Kate E Burke of the Honeytree Gallery, for giving me the opportunity to show in her space despite my greenhorn tendencies to panic over almost everything, ask a thousand questions, and probably annoy the daylights out of a person who didn’t have the patience of a saint.  Not to mention I loved looking at her beautiful screenprint and fibre art for four hours.  


Thanks also to the people who weren’t there but showed their support in the form of texts, well wishes, and just general loves.  The staff at Michaels in St Joseph who are the coolest people since canned meat.  The staff and owner of Fosters Martini Bar, who are always encouraging me to put myself out there and without whom this probably wouldn’t have been feasible whilst still eating.  Anna/Cassandra/Kristen/Bonnie/Krissy/Hannah thanks for being my galpals despite the distance.  Casey Nichols, who is my big ole texan cheerleader.  Danyelle Thompson, who taught me sometimes being professional involves more dirty work than clean.  I really cannot tell everyone how much all the support has meant over the years.  THANK YOU!      

Photo courtesy of Kate E. Burke of Honeytree Gallery.  2014

Photo courtesy of Kate E. Burke of Honeytree Gallery. 2014


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